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Amazing Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing

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Black Friday started as a store shopping day but has a trend of being revamped by online shopping. Planning for the Black Friday marketing campaigns are essential than ever. Every year, the end of November customarily kicks off the busiest season in a world market that is the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. At this time, the business community takes a chance to engage with a new audience, re-awake old customers and make money for sure.

This article will show you Black Friday marketing strategy with some appropriate guidelines regarding your email, web push and SMS. You will get to know how you can make them work together along with Automation 360. Holiday retail sales during November and December increases up to 5.5%. It is crucial that you have everything planned and ready to launch.

Here’s how to become a pro at Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing.

1- Plan your Sales

Do not get puzzled about what products you are going to buy on a particular given day. You will essentially forget to turn the sale pricing off. It is far more easier to plan out the sales in advance. You may make use of Google Sheets to create a tracking spreadsheet for the sales. Here is a list of information that is needed to be tracked by you.

  • Normal price.
  • Sale price.
  • Sale start date.
  • Sale end date.
  • Sale type. (Flash, coupon, etc)
  • Promotion channels.
  • Discount code, if any.

You do not have to list out all the items in the spreadsheet, just use it for different items sales. If you are into an e-Commerce platform like Shopify, just check out what is available in their app store.

2- Test Your Tech

Just think that you have made a fantastic site, you planned an on-site marketing strategy to the most beautiful detail, all of your emails are on point, and you are continually seeing an uptick in your site traffic since 7 am on your sale day. Just think that suddenly it is 8:30 and you got a significant rush of traffic from your recent email and your site crashes. How can you prevent it? It’s easy, Just test your server loading capacity with tools such as Load Impact.

3- Make your themes and images.

People usually expect typical holiday imagery to go with Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing. You require bright greens and reds of the official commercial holiday, those pretty blues and silvers of a winter wonderland or some other holiday screen to greet you from whatever email you open usually from the beginning of October till the end of the year. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make beautiful images for your website.

4- Create Content for Early Shoppers

It is essential to create content for the early shoppers before the time is gone. In 2017, Best Buy started their Black Friday early. You can also create gift guides to get engaged with early shoppers. These can be easily added to the website, can be printed on the glossy paper o can be shared on social media as well.

5- Optimize Your Content

Go via your category and product pages to ensure that your descriptions have essential keywords and information that will assist the shoppers in finding your items.

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