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How to Use Google Maps without Unlocking Your iPhone

Google Maps eventually has become one of the most loved services of Google Corporation. To find route maps or directions to anywhere you want to go, you prefer Google Maps as it gives the best shortest possible distance to reach the destination. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Google Maps on a desktop or your handset application, it is an easy-breezy service to use. Talking about handsets, Google Maps is an essential app in the phones as you can find your desired destination from anywhere in just a few seconds. All you need to require is an Internet connection.

Since the application is easy to access, it becomes a lot easier while using it in the iPhone. You must be thinking that why is it easy to use the app in iPhones? Well, the iPhone has a workaround to use the Google Maps instantly without even unlocking your phone making it more convenient to find a location. Isn’t it amazing to use an app instantly? Suppose you are driving in a car and need directions. In this situation, unlocking the phone and further launching the app to enter the destination point will be too risky. In that scenario, iPhones have a widget screen to see apps without unlocking the device. This lock screen widget works as a shortcut to the applications on your iPhone. If you do not know how to use the widget lock screen, follow the steps below.

How to use Google Maps without unlocking your iPhone

  1. First, add the Google Maps in the widget screen
  2. Swipe left from the lock screen
  3. The list of the installed widget will appear on the screen
  4. Scroll down the screen and tap Edit button to add a widget
  5. Now, scroll down the list and find Google Directions
  6. To add it in your widget list, tap add button (+) followed by Google Directions
  7. Now, tap Done from top of the screen
  8. If you wish to remove the app from widget screen list, tap the red minus (-) button

Now, you have added the Google Maps application shortcut in your widget screen list, you can use it anytime without unlocking your iPhone. To use the application shortcut, swipe left from the lock screen to open the widget screen and find the application. Tap the app to open and see your directions to reach the destination. You do not have to unlock your screen and open the application to search for directions anymore. The widget lock screen will help you to save your time and effort by opening the app instantly.

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