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How to Fix Netflix Isn’t Working in Web Browser

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Netflix is one of the fastest growing online streaming channels which you can refer to watch your favorite online web series, shows, and movies. But Netflix is not working on the web browser is a problem which a lot of Netflix users reporting about. There could be various reasons for the problem, and fortunately, the Netflix will start working in your web browser if you follow the methods mentioned in the guide. These methods are enough to fix the Netflix is not working in web browser problem. So let’s look at the methods to resolve the problem.

Here is how to fix Netflix isn’t working in web browser

Update the Browser

The newest version of the web browser you are using might fix the problem. If you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then the latest version of the browser tends to fix the problem.

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and click the hamburger icon.
  2. From the menu, click the Help button.
  3. Click About Google Chrome, and in the availability of updates, the browser will download it automatically.
  4. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
  5. Now click to Open menu and go to Help.
  6. Click About Firefox.

If you are running Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, then the Windows will automatically update the browser.

Clear Cookies and Cache Data

The cookies and cache data are necessary, but sometimes these two creates the problem when they become corrupted. Hence keep clearing the cookies and cache data frequently resolves the issue.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and press Ctrl + Shift + Del key combination.
  2. It will directly open the clear browsing data box.
  3. Check every box in both BASIC and ADVANCED sections.
  4. Proceed to click the Clear Data button.
  5. It will clear the Cached memory and cookies.
  6. The Firefox users can go to the Settings.
  7. Click the Menu button and select Clear Cache and Cookies section.
  8. Click the Options and go to Privacy & Security.
  9. Proceed to select Cookies & Site Data.

With this method, you will be able to clear up the browsing data of your respective web browsers.

Reset the Web Browser

Resetting the web browser will remove the personal data, but it will also remove any bug from the browser. The resetting will fix the problem, and Netflix will work again on it.

  1. Open the Settings section of Chrome web browser.
  2. Navigate to Reset and clean up.
  3. Click the Restore settings to original defaults.
  4. Click the Reset Settings button.
  5. Firefox user must go to address bar and type about:support.
  6. Click Reset Firefox from the top right.
  7. Click Reset Firefox button to confirm.
  8. Once you are done with the process, Firefox will reset to its default settings.

Modify Netflix Playback Quality

Since Netflix changes its settings automatically on the basis of internet speed, the developers allowed the users to adjust the settings and options for streaming quality. So if the streaming quality and other options are set at maximum, then you must try to pull down the settings. You are required to access the Your Account and then click the Playback Settings. There you can manage the quality settings.

Change to Another Browser

If the problem maintains to persist on the web browser, then try to change the switch the browser. You can use Microsoft Edge which you can easily prefer to watch your favorite movies and shows. The Edge browser is capable of playing any Netflix video in 1080p HD smoothly as compared to others.

Rush to Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store has the app version of Netflix which you can quickly get. You will need a Microsoft account to utilize and download the app from Microsoft Store. If you have the account, then enter the login credentials and g the Netflix app now. This is another way to watch your favorite movies and shows on Netflix.

Netflix may not work in a web browser, but you can tackle the situation. By following the workarounds, you must have resolved the problem which is restricting Netflix from working correctly. So now, you can enjoy watching movies and shows without any further obstruction.

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